On the 1st Jan 2019, Fo Guang Shan Melbourne welcome the new year with pilgrimage and sutra copying. The event started with chanting the <Heart Sutra> led by Venerable Jue Hao with 70 people, followed by the worship ceremony of three steps and one bow from the ground to the Great Hero Shrine.

After that, the pilgrimage prayer by Master Hsing Yun is read, with a peaceful mind paying gratitude to the Buddha, and making wishes for the new year. Superintendent Venerable Jue Min teaches everyone we must challenge ourselves on selfishness, jealousy, desire and laziness within our inner self; happiness comes from the harmony and ease within us, destroy the reason of our worries and trouble, hence happiness is achieved.

After the morning fasting, everyone meditates by copying sutra focusing on the stroke, mindful of body and mind, transfer the merit and wisdom to the elderly. This completes the Sutra Copying practice.