On the 13th January 2019 coincided with the Buddha Enlightenment Day, 160 people participated by chanting the Diamond Sutra, make wishes and transferred merits. Superintendent Venerable Jue Min began the day with explaining the significance of Buddha’s enlightenment and the origin of the Laba Porridge. Besides that, the true meaning of Buddha’s Teaching is explained using <Master Hsing Yun Collection >.  Buddha’s Teaching is joy, light, positive, and dedicating with an emphasize on having the right understanding, practice in daily life to continuously improve.

After enjoying the delicious Laba porridge, the annual Spring Cleaning began with 90 volunteers led by venerable where a brief chanting session with <Master Hsing Yun Prayer for the Volunteers> at the Great Hero Shrine. Superintendent Venerable Jue Min encouraged the volunteer to sweep away their own dust to increase the wisdom by explaining the story of Kṣudrapanthaka.

 This is followed by Venerable Jue Hao distributed the work to the volunteers to clean the Main Hall, the Meditation Hall, the Five Contemplations Hall, the Great Hero Hall, classroom and the outdoor garden. The areas were cleaned thoroughly. Although the weather is very hot, all the volunteers enjoyed helping to clean the temple to welcome the Lunar New Year.