On the 10th February 2019, Fo Guang Shan Melbourne Chinese School “Three Acts of Goodness Class” started the first term welcoming the start of the Chinese New Year.

The first term is joined by 14 children aged 3 to 9 years old. The class is held every Sunday with both classroom and activities based classes, teaching the children the “Three Acts of Goodness”. This will enable the children establish the right values and outlook of life from an early age, cultivating the happiness and wisdom practicing “Three Acts of Goodness”.

The children wore the bilingual T-shirt printed with the words “Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts”. On the day, three teachers were together with the children having activities from singing, storytelling, playing games to learning etiquette. Lastly, Venerable Jue Hao taught them rang the bell and prayed for blessings. The class ended filling with laughter and everyone felt it was such a rewarding day. After the class, teachers brought the children to the dining hall to enjoy their meals together with everyone. The parents observed that, for the children having the habit on being picky on the food were less picky when they are having meals with other child.  

Tiffy, the teacher of the school shared her thoughts on the first day of school where she said “The children are really smart. The children are singing the song correctly where today is the first time they were being taught. The future classes will need to be more challenging for the children. The class will be design according to each kid’s strength, so that their learning here will be fun and meaningful “.

One of the parents shared her thought while being encouraged to register his children for the school. She said “I am a Buddhist and I hope I can participate in the Dharma function every weekend. However, the weekend is also the time to take care of the kids, hence, the choices is tough. With the “Three Acts of Goodness Class”, the parents can join the Dharma function without worries, and the children can learn the right knowledge and values establishing the right view from an early age. This is very meaningful. I really appreciate this affinity arranged by the temple giving us this opportunity. “