On the evening of the 4th April 2019, Fo Guang Shan Melbourne had the Dharma Talk: Insights for Fulfillment through Diamond Sutra by Abbot Most Venerable Hsin Bau. The event was attended by almost 500 people including Superintendent Venerable Man Wang from the Nan Tien temple, World Director (BLIA) Dominique Yu and Head of BLIAV Elder Advisor James Yang, BLIAV’s President David Yu, Honorary Advocates Li Ying Zhang, Director of the Master Hsing Yun Education Foundation Min Wang and Honorary Professor Guo Sheng Chen from the RMIT Melbourne.

Abbot Most Venerable Hsin Bau shared insights from the Diamond Sutra on “No Self”, “No Form” where the origination is from “the cause” and also on “impermanence”. Venerable also further explained on the cause of greed is due to ignorance and obsession on the “Self”. The “Self” can be eliminated with the right cultivation and diligent practice improving the “Prajna Wisdom”.

Venerable Hsin Bau explained the cultivation through six- degree paramita and being generous to eliminate greed. Master Hsing Yun explained the merit on generosity from non – attachment being generous. Venerable encouraged first to practice being generous in daily life, then to non- attachment on being generous, leading to the “emptiness” in giving for the giver, the recipient and the gift.

The cultivation includes chanting and meditation. Meditation might not necessarily be liberating but provide the convenience to liberate oneself. Meditation with concentration on self-reflection, understanding impermanence leading to understanding “No Self” will eliminate greed, hatred, anger ultimately achieve nirvana and relief.

In the end, Venerable shared the story of “The Little Princess and the Bubble” to explain once again on “No Form”. It can be seen, heard but wouldn’t be able to carry away with us just like the bubble where there is no gain and no loss. With the understanding, one can have more freedom, wisdom and prajna in their life.