On the 19th March 2019, Fo Guang Shan Head Abbess of Hong Kong and Macau Venerable Yong Fu Oceania Lecture was held in the evening at the main shrine of Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Melbourne. Over 200 people including venerables from FGS Melbourne, World Director (BLIA) Dominique Yu and Head of BLIAV Elder Advisor James Yang attended the event.

Venerable Yong Fu taught on the Water and Land Dharma Service – the origin, significance, regulations, rituals, mindfulness for preparation to attend the service, and matters to be paid attention to during the service. After two hours of lecture covering the complexity of the water and land dharma together with the handouts, everyone had a comprehensive understanding of the service.

Despite venerable’s flight was delayed due to the Christchurch terror attack, hence the initial lecture was postponed. However, the event on the night was a full house. Throughout the evening, everyone deeply felt the compassion of Venerable Yong Fu, expressed gratitude with great round of applause.

Superintendent Venerable Jue Min concluded the event, highlighting the importance to cherish this occasion as it was a lot of effort for Venerable Yong Fu to be here with the last minute changes in the event of the emergency and yet making this evening happen with determination. Venerable encouraged everyone to take every opportunity and work hard to learn Buddhism.