Buddha’s Light International Association of Victoria held the Yarran Dheran Nature Reserve, Tree Planting and Wild Flowers Walk on 30 July 2017. Superintendent of Er You Temple Venerable Man Ching led more than 50 BLIAV members to Yarran Dheran in Mitcham. She gave a Dharma Talk in the morning and encouraged everyone to consider the tree planting and environmental protection event as practice in Dharma, from the temple to the Nature. Mother Earth is like our own mother and nurtures everything. Nowadays environmental and ecological degradation has called on our increasing awareness to protect the earth. Tree planting will leave greener environment for future generations. BLIA Board of Director Dominique Lai See Cheung also motivated everyone to practice “three goodness”. She called on all BLIAV members to think positively and practice right Dharma in their heart and mind. This purification of the heart benefits others and the self.