On the 10th November 2018, Williamstown Sea Scouts with a team of 8 people visited FGS Melbourne. Mr. Ross Henderson, leader of the team and for the trip, was very impressed with his previous visit to the FGS Melbourne. Hence, he proposed to the team for this religious visit. The visit was guided by the Vice President Zhou Yong Hui explaining the history of FGS Melbourne followed by FGS Humanistic Buddhism. Besides that, the team visited the main hall and meditation hall, demonstrated the manner of worshipping Buddha and explained the meaning of offering incense, fruit and flowers. In addition to that, Venerable Jue Min guided the meditation practice, the Tai Chi teacher, Mei Lin, taught the basic of Tai Chi move, and volunteer, Chen Baozhu explained the method of copying sutra and guided the team for the sutra copying session. The visit is ended with Venerable Jue Min gave the team gift to continue the affinity and small version of English series books. Mr Anderson thanked FGS Melbourne for arranging the tour meticulously and given them the opportunity to experience the rich and diversity in Buddhism and Chinese culture.