On the 17th February 2019, Fo Guang Shan Melbourne held the 2019 Light Offering Dharma Function. The day was attended by almost 200 people chanted the < Lotus Sutra, the Chapter of the Universal Gateway of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva >, read< Master Hsing Yun Light Offering Prayer> and made the light offering. 

Superintendent Venerable Jue Min gave the dharma talk where light offering is made for peace and auspicious wishes. The actual importance on the light offering is to brighten up the light within ourselves. This is by speaking good words, doing good deeds and thinking good thoughts.

This is followed by the Chinese New Year greetings. BLIAV’s President David Yu along with other presidents and members wished everyone Happy Chinese New Year, reported our achievement and appreciating everyone’s effort promoting the event and announced the coming events for this year.

Superintendent Venerable Jue Min represented Vice Secretary of World Headquarter Oceania Region Venerable Man Ko presented the Certificate of the Head of the BLIAV Elder Advisor to James Yang. BLIA YAD and other presidents from the sub-chapters also performed to wish everyone happy new year.