23 December 2017, Melbourne Fo Guang Choir was invited to perform at the National Gallery of Victoria to Celebrate faith and diversity. The “Songs of Faith” multicultural performance was held at the iconic Great Hall in NGV. There were eight choirs from different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds of Melbourne. It was a dynamic and harmonious feast for local audience. It was also the first time for the main organiser NGV to host a multicultural event based on music. The event happened just before holiday seasons. Performance groups include famous local choirs, professional performance groups and other awarded choirs, etc.

As the only Chinese and Buddhist choir, it was the first time that Melbourne Fo Guang Choir was invited by the outside. To correspond to the festive atmosphere, choir members wore red colour t-shirts. They sang two songs from Songs of the Human World. The genuine performance was very touching and applause was nonstop. One of the Chinese audience said that these beautiful songs purified their heart and made them proud to be Chinese.