On November 5, Fo Guang Shan Melbourne and the Buddha’s Light International Association Victoria (BLIAV) invited Venerable Yong Wen to give a Dharma Talk on Humanistic Buddhism, Engagement and  Cultivation. Over 100 people attended, including member of Board of Directors of Buddha’s Light International Association World Headquarter, Ms. Dominique Yu; Director of BLIA Victoria Ederly Advisors Committee, Mr. James Yang and Mr. David Yu, director of BLIA Victoria.

First, Ven. Yong Wen divided the Buddhist path into four phases: seeking Buddhism, believing Buddhism, learning about Buddhism and practicing Buddhism. She emphasized practicing compassion. The Buddha was a human being and everyone can become a Buddha. This is one of the guiding principles of BLIA, which is to encourage members to practice Buddhism in everyday life.

Ven. Yong Wen quoted the “six paramitas (perfections)” to describe how followers can use Buddhist principals to help others. First, “Generosity” could be as simple as a smile that gives people joy and confidence. “Virtue and Morality” purifies the body. “Patience” reminds us that it is not showing weakness to be tolerant and show humility. “Diligence” asks followers to find beneficial meaning in their lives. “One-pointed concentration” encourages followers to precipitate their thoughts and leave their hearts unobstructed. Finally, “Insight, or Wisdom”  refers to insight and satisfaction with life.

Fo Guang Shan Melbourne Supervising Venerable, Ven. Jue Min thanked Ven. Yong Wen for travelling thousands of miles to Melbourne, Australia to propagate the Dharma. Ven. Jue Min encouraged the public to actively engage in BLIAV activities, to improve themselves and the lives of others. She hopes followers could find their true refuge through Dharma practice.


Reported by Chris Shan