On the 20th January 2019, Fo Guang Shan Melbourne held the completion of 2018 Light Offering Dharma Service with the invitation of Superintendant Venerable Man Wang from the Nan Tien temple. The day was attended by almost 200 people chanted the < The Praise of Holy Water >, < Lotus Sutra, the Chapter of the Universal Gateway of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva >, light offering, offering to Buddha and etc.

Venerable Man Wang explained the year of the pig with the slogan “Always Well Rounded and Auspiscous” representing the year of the pig.  The animal has four characteristic which is inclusive, being wealthy, being perfect and having integrity. Venerable encouraged everyone to practice these four characteristics.

Venerable further explained this by highlighting Master Hsing Yun speeches where “I have no pain, I am not sick, I am only a little not convenient to move around”.  Despite Master Hsing Yun was born during the war with difficulty, but being cheerful and making a vow where “I want to be more hardworking”, Master Hsing Yun practice calligraphy to continue building affinity with everyone, helping the poverty and providing education scholarship to provide opportunity for students with potential. Besides that, Master Hsing Yun also have a new vow where “My life is not about me, my life is for everyone, being able to contribute to everyone is more important”. This is followed by showing two videos featuring Master Hsing Yun Calligraphy and Fo Guang Shan being awarded the world record for religion integrity. Everyone admired the spirit of Master Hsing Yun and Fo Guang Shan faith in promoting the integrity of religions.

In the afternoon, the first steering committee is held with the Elder Advisor, led by the President David Yu and guided by Vice Secretary of World Headquarter Oceania Region, Man Ko represented by Venerable Man Wang. The first discussion was on encouraging the Melbourne Youth Society to participate in the ANZBYC 2019 and the international Youth Society. This is followed by encouragement to participate in the 2019 International Fo Guang meeting in Europe. Lastly, each representative of the Australia and New Zealand, Great Oceania and BLIA will support the University of Nan Tien development. Venerable Man Wang commented that the spirit and hard work is felt for the Steering committee and the Youth Society upon reading the prepared report. The future path for BLIA is aiming to be an international association. Besides that, this will be built with compassion and convenient for others and also allowing one to make mistake and learn from the lesson. BLIA will be using Buddha’s teaching as the foundation to contribute to the world where everyone is integrated as a family. This is to practice the Buddhism teaching that has been learnt as a follower.