On November 25, Buddha’s Light International Association Victoria (BLIAV) Northwest Branch organized a one-day outing hosted at the estate of Nan Tien University board member and BLIAV Northwest branch member Mrs. Wang Min. Venerable Juemin and BLIAV-NB President Guo Rongle led the event with more than 70 Fo Guang members and their families participating in food and activities.

The journey began with sunshine and laughter. Participants gathered at Fo Guang Shan Melbourne to take a chartered bus. During the ride, Venerable Juemin led participants in morning class to recite the Heart Sutra and Transfer of Merits. Upon reaching the Bodhi garden, Mrs. Wang Min graciously welcomed participants and provided refreshments as they admired the infinite beauty of mountains and water. BLIAV President Guo Rongle, BLIAV Vice President Du Min, and several others worked together to prepare a delicious meal and fun games, including charades, you draw I guess, windy tennis, table tennis relay, green snake ride, and more. As the day drew to a close, participants enjoyed outdoor meditation in the woods. In the calm and peaceful landscape, we felt infinite Zen.

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