On 12th September 2018, Buddhist Light International Association Victoria (BLIAV) was awarded the Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence Award. The award ceremony was held at the Government House in Melbourne and the award was received by BLIAV’s President David Yu. BLIAV’s Vice President Darren Chow, Lindy Chea, Hiking Liu e.t.c also attended the ceremony to witness such a glory moment.

The award ceremony was chaired by the Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau AC, in the presence of honourable guests including the Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott (on behalf of the Premier of Victoria), the Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs Inga Peulich (on behalf of the Opposition Leader), the President of Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson, the Chairperson of Victoria Multicultural Helen Kapalos, and the Victorian cabinet members.

Over the years, BLIAV has promoted the exchange and understanding of multiculturalism and religion through various activities. BLIA’s contribution in improving the harmony of Melbourne community has been unanimously recognised by the Victorian Multicultural Committee. The Victorian Governor Linda Dessau AC praised President David Yu after the award ceremony for his outstanding leadership in BLIA that has enhanced cross-cultural mutual understanding, boosted the integrations between cultures, and raised the social cohesion in Victoria. She also encouraged BLIA to continue to work for the future of Victoria and Melbourne.