On the 26th January 2019, BLIA Victoria (BLIAV) was invited to attend the Melbourne’s Australia Day parade to celebrate the national day of Australia.

This is being attended by the BLIA World Headquarters Director & Chief Elder Advisor BLIA Victoria Ms Dominique Cheung, BLIAV Elder Advisor James Yang, Superintendent Venerable Jue Min, Venerable Jue Hao leading 50 members including  advisors from the chapters and the sub-chapters. The parade was joined by 80 organizations from different background and cultures formed by a variety of associations and religious groups coming together with a variety of performance. This includes having music, acrobatics, slogan, carrying flags and banners and waving the Australia flag celebrating the Australia Day.

BLIAV coming together with everyone in the parade where  everyone was wearing the BLIAV red and white T-shirt walking among the crowds with immense joy and attracted the adults and children during the parade !

Australia is a country form by a variety of religions, nationalities and migrants. The government promotes and encourages celebration of National Day  not only to commemorate history, demonstrate the multiculturalism and integrity within the country but also enrich the migrants in Australia.

BLIAV is proud to be invited by the government to be part of the celebration and taking this opportunity to celebrate together and integrate with the wider public in Australia !