On the 23rd Feb 2019, Superintendent Venerable Jue Min and Venerable Jue Hao visited devotee’s Geng Yi Shan and Shen Yi Wu family. On this special day, friends and neighbors were also invited. Since July 2018 where Shen Yi Wu first visited Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Melbourne, she found the preaching of the Humanistic Buddhism is what she needed. Since then, she has been attending the weekly Dharma function, Humanistic Buddhism classes and etc. Besides that, she has enrolled her children to the weekend Fo Guang Shan Chinese School and Three Acts of Goodness Children Class.

The day began with the chanting of <The Praise of Holy Water> and <The Great Compassion Mantra>, blessed with holy water, and read the family prayers written by Master Hsing Yun. Venerables also presented Master Hsing Yun’s 2019 Couplet and the book “366 Days with Master Hsing Yun”. Shen Yi Wu shared her experiences with the temple. She encouraged everyone to visit FGS Melbourne temples.